Howdy! I'm Gareth 👋

I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for honing the softer skills in life. I've been working in the industry since before the wise gray hairs roamed my head, and just love using an engineering mindset to solve technical and soft skill challenges.

I'm constantly balancing between a desire to deep dive into working on some juicy technical item while also plotting away at how to get buy in from my team to try doing things like identifying their Humble, Hungry, Smart goals. Quite the fun challenge!

The idea of helping everyone to learn to be their best strikes a chord with me, and so I dabble in writing blog posts to share both my opinions on soft skill topics, and sometimes even look at some interesting technical problem I managed to solve. I thought it worth calling out that my posts around soft skill topics are in fact, opinions. This is not to say they're not valid, just that they are something I found worked for me, and will hopefully help you solve a similar problem as well.

Okay, yeah yeah, I hear you asking what business I have writing about this stuff (aside from having the gray hairs of wisdom). I consider myself one of those folks that has a broad spectrum of knowledge across the technical stack. This means I'm able to do most of the leg work to create an app, setup CI/CD, build and provision servers, throw in a Kubernetes cluster for fun, and then spend countless hours figuring out what to put on an About page. I've gone quite deep into the land of C#, both in the Framework and the more modern .NET Core world, and in recent years have begun to go deep into React / Typescript. Other skills I have are honed enough to get the job done, which is more often than not good enough!

So there you have it; everything you need to know about the person behind this sites keyboard! If you want to know more, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn (I'd love to have a chat!).